Terrassa Loft by Egue & Seta

June 17, 2016

Green Heart, Industrial Soul

Terrassa Loft by Egue & Seta

For those who think that industrial style is just about concrete and exposed brickwork, this stunning house in Terrassa near Barcelona is irrefutable proof that green can be cool in an industrial style design scheme.  This 200 square metre former commercial space has been converted into a loft style home by Barcelona-based architects Egue & Seta.

Natural light filters through the vertical wooden slats lining the floor-to-ceiling windows, bathing the industrial style living, dining and kitchen areas in an even glow.  The cool vibe is accentuated by the grey and silver of the concrete floors, stainless steel kitchen units and velvet sofa, softened by the warmth of the wooden table, work tops and exposed brick wall.  The living area features a cushion-strewn sofa in a U-shaped sunken pit which enhances the sense of spaciousness.

In the heart of the loft is a rather unexpected indoor garden.  Lit by artificial skylights, it brings light and openness to the more private parts of the house.  The guest bathroom and majestic master bathroom lie on either side of the green space, their glass walls offering an unusually bucolic view for the users.  The latter features double sinks and toilets in a symmetrical layout with a spectacular rain shower in the middle, perfectly placed to contemplate the verdant greenery of the indoor garden.   Natural wood and dark grey dominate the bedroom and dressing area, creating an oasis of calm and comfort.

This is a highly imaginative design scheme which combines the industrial with the naturalistic perfectly.

Terrassa Loft by Egue & SetaTerrassa Loft by Egue & SetaTerrassa Loft by Egue & SetaTerrassa Loft by Egue & SetaTerrassa Loft by Egue & SetaTerrassa Loft by Egue & Seta


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Industrial and natural details work well together.  The Fan table from Desalto, for example, features a beautiful solid oak top with industrial style legs.  The Raphia armchair from Casamania combines traditional rattan craftsmanship with contemporary industrial styling to bring it right up to date.


The Asterisco table light from LZF features a natural wood veneer shade above a metal book rest, creating a uniquely beautiful and functional light.  For a high-tech, industrial interpretation of nature try the stunning Bonsai OLED table light from Blackbody.


Accessories such as the Pipe Work coat rack from Nick Fraser combines well with the rustic Scrapwood wallpaper from NLXL to create a natural-industrial look that is full of character.


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