Styling Your Home With House Plants

One of the easiest ways to refresh your space is to add a dose of green with house plants. Not only do they add visual interest and life to a home, they also provide a wealth of health benefits like removing toxins from the air, increasing oxygen levels and helping to reduce stress. The variety of shapes, colours and sizes make plants a versatile design element that can be styled to suit any taste. 

Before getting started, it’s important to consider what types of plants will work best in your space. All plants require different care to thrive so it’s essential that you ensure you can give them what they need before introducing them into your home. Water, light and temperature are key factors to your plant’s survival so do some research before you commit. There’s nothing worse than finding a beautiful plant only to bring it home and have it wither away before you know it. Finding out what types of plants work for your space will help save you time and effort in the long run.

There are endless creative and eye-catching ways to style plants in your home so don’t be afraid to experiment. In the meantime, here are a few ideas to get your started:


Shelves are a simple and versatile way to display your plants. Whether you devote an entire shelf to succulents or pepper some trailing vines in amongst your things, the possibilities are endless and a perfect way to add colour and texture to a room. Try grouping plants together to create a focal point or intersperse them amongst books or pictures to break up large blocks of colour.

               1. Valet Office Shelf by Stellar Works | 2. Anywhere Shelves by Korridor Design | 3. Assemblage Shelf by Seletti | 4. Solferino Bookshelf by Coedition

Carts & Trolleys

Forget the booze and turn your bar cart into a plant haven. Carts and trolleys are the perfect place to display your plants, especially if they are multi-levelled. Like shelves, they allow you to mix and match the types of plants you use with the added bonus of mobility. Change their location to alter the vibe of your room or wheel them to a bright window so they can soak up some sun (tip: bright, indirect light is usually best!).

                1. James Bar Cart by Stellar Works | 2. Engioi Trolley by Formae | 3. Chariot Trolley by Casamania | 4. Valet Bar Cart by Stellar Works

Planters & Vases

Plants and flowers are often visually stunning on their own but displaying them in unique planters and vases is a great way to add a touch of your own personal design style to the mix. Using geometric or minimal pots can lend a modern feel while quirky shapes and designs can help add an element of humour. Whatever you choose, make sure you take into account the characteristics of the vessel (are there drainage holes, how much water can the vase hold, etc.) to ensure that you can tailor your care routine accordingly.

               1. Nuclear Plant Holder by Lyon Beton | 2. Allpa Vase by Moustache | 3. Saturno Plant Holder by Formae | 4. Heirloom Vase 3 by Moustache

Botanical Patterns

If you don’t have the time to care for plants or absolutely can’t shake your brown thumb, there are still options for infusing your space with a touch of life. Instead of taking the fake plant route, try adding an in-your-face splash of botanicals with an accent wall or patterned furniture. These options allow you to bring the outside in without the added hassle of trying to remember the last time you gave your plant friends some water.

               1. Green Sanctuary by Mind the Gap | 2. Banana Leaves by Mind the Gap | 3. Roses Armchair by Seletti | 4. Flowers With Holes Rug by Seletti