Solid - Void by Kunsik

Now You See It, Now You Don't

Solid - Void by KunsikImagination is the basis of creativity, a maxim which Stockholm-based designer Kunsik took to heart with the Solid - Void collection of furniture, which incorporates empty spaces in their designs to ignite users' imaginations.

The Two Realms chairs, for instance, are made of disjointed lengths of wood with gaps where the backs or arms should be. These enigmatic and highly sculptural designs resemble buildings under construction, or perhaps pixelated images of chairs which have only been partially downloaded. The Void Cabinets feature open back and side panels obscured by semi-translucent sheets of silicone. Like partially wrapped gifts, they urge you to reach inside and explore their contents.

The ambiguities of these pieces invite different perspectives and interpretations, making your imagination the most important part of the design.

Solid - Void by Kunsik Solid - Void by Kunsik Solid - Void by Kunsik Solid - Void by Kunsik Solid - Void by KunsikSolid - Void by KunsikSolid - Void by KunsikSolid - Void by Kunsik




Product Inspiration

Ignite your imagination with minimalist yet sculptural designs such as the Victoria and Albert Sofa from Moroso, the Incrocio Shelf from Ghidini 1961 and the Navarra Coffee Tables from Boca Do Lobo.

Victoria and Albert Sofa - Moroso - Do Shop  Incrocio Bookshelf - Ghidini 1961 - Do Shop   Navarra Tables Collection - Boca do Lobo - Do Shop


For beautifully enigmatic lighting try the Brutalist Table Lamp from 101 Copenhagen, the Spring Floor Light from Diesel Living and the PostKrisi Pendant Lamp from Catellani & Smith.

Brutalist Table Lamp - 101 Copenhagen - Do Shop   Spring Floor Light by Diesel Living - Do Shop   PostKrisi 65 / 66 / 67 Pendant Lamp - Catellani & Smith - Do Shop


Accessories with a strong graphic look would go well with the furniture collection from Kunsik. Try the Arco Valet Stand from Nomon, the Zenobio Coat Rack from Formae and the Frame Wall Mirror from Stellar Works.

Arco Valet Stand - Nomon - Do Shop   Zenobio Coat Rack - Formae - Do Shop   Frame Wall Mirror Small - Stellar Works - Do Shop