Paper Furniture by WooJai Lee

June 25, 2020

Paper Creations

Paper Furniture by WooJai LeeKorean-New Zealander designer WooJai Lee, an alumnus of Design Academy Eindhoven, is fascinated by materials and their unexpected applications. As part of his graduation project he turned waste newsprint into pulp, combined it with glue and then moulded it into different shapes, creating a strong yet light material akin to papier-mâché.

For his Paperbricks series, the material took the form of bricks which resemble breeze blocks and pallets, which are then used to create tables. They have the texture of concrete or rough hewn stone, but with the lightness and colours that betray the material's previous life.

The Alchemist series features tables and shelves with slender tops and branch-like legs which looks almost like wrought iron. As a result the collection feels organic and industrial at the same time, no mean feat for a material which started life as a humble newspaper.

Paper Furniture by WooJai Lee
Paper Furniture by WooJai Lee



Studio Woojai


Product Inspiration

Inspired by the industrial texture of WooJai Lee's paper furniture? Try the Brutus chair from 101 Copenhagen, the Clay table from Desalto and the Sinuous console table from Boca Do Lobo.

Brutus Dining and Lounge Chair - 101 Copenhagen - Do Shop   Clay Table Round - Dark Grey Lava Stone - Desalto - Do Shop  Sinuous Console Collection - Boca Do Lobo - Do Shop


For paper and industrial inspired lights try the Scraplight Tilt table light from Graypants, the Eiffel wall light from Frama and the Skyline suspension light from LZF.

Scraplight Tilt Table Light - Graypants - Do Shop   Eiffel Wall Light - Frama - Do Shop   Skyline Suspension Light - LZF - Do Shop


For accessories try the The Grey Planet wall panel from Lyon Beton, the Smokestack fireplace from Frederik Roije and the Shibui Collectables wallpaper from MINDTHEGAP.

 The Gray Planet - Lyon Beton - Do Shop   Smokestack Fireplace - Frederik Roije - Do Shop   Shibui Collectables Wallpaper - MINDTHEGAP - Do Shop

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