Master the Graphic Look

If you are attracted to a minimalist aesthetic but don't want your space to look like a soulless hospital clinic, the graphic look is perfect for you. Characterised by clean lines with shapes and colours that are orderly and structured, this is minimalism supercharged with a bold streak.

Shaped by Lines

Lines are key to building a strong graphic look. Whether they are used as decoration, as in the Uneven Wall Wood Rug from Woak and the Rows Dining Table from Moroso, or to create striking structures such as the Blend Chair U from Stellar Works or the Bamba Side Table from Viccarbe, clean lines are perfect for creating a sleek, sculptural vibe.


1. Uneven Wall Wood Rug by Woak | 2. Rows Dining Table by Moroso | 3. Blend Chair U by Stellar Works | 4. Bamba Side Table by Viccarbe

Monochrome Cool

A black and white colour scheme on its own can create a strong graphic look. Take, for instance, the simple but bold Infinito Wall-Suspension Light from Davide Groppi and the Perf Stripe Sideboard from Diesel Living. The purity of black and white is also ideal for highlighting graphic shapes, as can be seen in the Mondo Pendant Lamp from Oblure and the Vanilla Noir Wings Mirror from Scarlet Splendour.

Ciuco Animagic Cabinet - Scarlet Splendour - Do Shop     

1. Infinito Wall-Suspension Light by Davide Groppi | 2. Perf Stripe Sideboard by Diesel Living | 3. Mondo Pendant Lamp by Oblure | 4. Vanilla Noir Wings Mirror by Scarlet Splendour

Fold it Like a Pro

Why have a boring flat surface when you can use folds, planes and facets to add movement and dynamism to your space? Try the Buk Side Table from Mueller, the Air Table Light from LZF, the Daze Low Tables from Tacchini and the Atlantis Cabinet from Agrippa.

Ciuco Animagic Cabinet - Scarlet Splendour - Do Shop     

1. Buk Side Table by Mueller | 2. Air Table Light by LZF | 3. Daze Low Table by Tacchini | 4. Atlantis Cabinet by Agrippa

Colour Blocks

Contrary to popular belief, colours can work well in a minimalist graphic scheme, especially if they are used in blocks. We love the simple but bold colour blocks of the Valentino Bench from Missana, The Rothko-like Shadows Rug from Golran and the architectural look of the Shanty Cabinet from BD Barcelona Design. For those who are really courageous, why not try the gradation effect of the Viva Bench from Houtique? It is an exciting way to inject colours into a graphic design scheme. 


Lessons in Geometry

The use of geometric shapes is a great way to add visual interest in an orderly, structured way. The Supreme Dining Table from Milla&Milli and the Inpli Vase from Atelier Polyhedre are masterclasses in understated graphic elegance, whilst the Bold Coffee Table by Studiopepe from Sancal is dynamic and fun. We also like the way the Zenobio Coat Rack from Formae cleverly turns geometric shapes into functional coat hooks. 

Ciuco Animagic Cabinet - Scarlet Splendour - Do Shop      

Graphic Illustration

Last but not least, what better way to create a graphic look than with bold graphics and illustrations? Typography fans would love the ABC Bookcase from Saporiti, which subtly incorporates letters into very readable bookshelves. There are multiple graphic decorations available for the Bordbar trolleys, but we especially like the Typomap print. We also love the flamboyant brush stroke inspired Enso Table Lamp from Catellani & Smith and the irreverent illustration of the Legs Rug by Toiletpaper from Seletti.

Ciuco Animagic Cabinet - Scarlet Splendour - Do Shop