Hideout Horizon in Bali by Studio WNA

June 18, 2020

Jungle Hideaway

Hideout Horizon in Bali by Studio WNANow that we have all but written-off the chances of a glamorous holiday - we are in the midst of a global pandemic afterall - we decided to embark on a virtual tour of fantasy vacation hotspots. Our first destination promises rainforest views, exotic bamboo architecture and splendid isolation. What's not to like?

Designed by bamboo specialists Studio WNA, Hideout Horizon is an adventurous guest lodge in the heart of the jungles in eastern Bali. Built entirely of bamboo, the structure is dominated by a steep A-frame roof which reaches all the way to the ground, like the wings of an enormous bird. Nestled within are multiple platforms which form the different "rooms". The structure is completely open-plan - all the better to enjoy the fresh breeze and sights and sounds of the jungle, whilst at the same time protected from the elements by the embrace of the outsized overhanging roof.

The lowest platform houses the living, dining and kitchen areas as well as an outdoor shower, a short hop from the rock-fringed plunge pool. A ramp takes you up to a higher platform, dominated by a large round bed with superb views of the jungles beyond. The hanging net at the edge of the platform, accessible also by leaf-shaped bamboo steps, offers yet more (adventurous) lounging opportunities. There is an additional platform at the top of the lodge with room for 2 more guests or, better still, as a private sanctuary for meditation or relaxation.

This is a dream jungle hideaway - fun, adventurous, romantic and exotic in equal measures, perfect for indulging in your Tarzan and Jane fantasies. 

Hideout Horizon in Bali by Studio WNA Hideout Horizon in Bali by Studio WNA Hideout Horizon in Bali by Studio WNA Hideout Horizon in Bali by Studio WNA Hideout Horizon in Bali by Studio WNA Hideout Horizon in Bali by Studio WNA Hideout Horizon in Bali by Studio WNA Hideout Horizon in Bali by Studio WNA Hideout Horizon in Bali by Studio WNA



Studio WNA

Hideout Bali


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