Hidden Tints by Note Design Studio

June 01, 2017

Colour me Clever

Hidden Tints by Note Design Studio

When Note Design Studio was asked to convert an office in Stockholm into a two bedroom apartment, they took inspiration from the hidden fabric of the building and created a contemporary design scheme with lingering traces of the past.

The team first stripped away layers of white paint and office lighting to reveal the hidden gems of the 19th century building, especially three tiled fireplaces and original stucco cornices.  The vibrant colours of the fireplaces (green, pink and beige) together with the mustard yellow of the original door frames formed the basis of the eight-colour palette, suffusing the apartment with rich pastel shades which manage to be calming and uplifting at the same time.  The criss-cross pattern of the original parquet flooring in the master bedroom has been lifted, stylised and repeated in the walls of the bedroom and various cabinets, a subtle and effective way to add interest to blocks of colour.  The bold use of colour continues elsewhere in the apartment, from the pistachio walls and ceilings of the bedroom set against the dark grey bedlinen to dusty shades of pink and beige set against rich mustard yellow, with pops of bright salmon for extra fizz.

This is a masterclass on how to bring an elegantly restrained design scheme to life with daringly clever use of colour. 

Hidden Tints by Note Design StudioHidden Tints by Note Design StudioHidden Tints by Note Design StudioHidden Tints by Note Design StudioHidden Tints by Note Design StudioHidden Tints by Note Design StudioHidden Tints by Note Design Studio


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Colour is a great way to add life and joy to any design scheme, so be brave and choose furniture which look great in bright colours, such as the Ara armchair from Missana, or a chair in mixed materials in different colours, such as the Mathilda chair from Moroso.  An interesting rug such as the Lake from Golran is a wonderful way to add colour and texture at the same time.

Ara Armchair   Mathilda Chair   Lake Rug - Shades of Red


Add pops of colour with suspension lights such as the Sliced Sphere from Frederik Roije or the Banga from LZF.  The Elmetta table light from Incipit works well in pastel colours too.

Sliced Sphere Suspension Light - Metal blue   Banga Suspension Light - Medium   Elmetta Table Light


Accessories are a great way to add touches of colour and interest.  Try the Heirloom vase from Moustache, the Sway silicone container from Finell and the Rose plate from Sena Gu.

Heirloom Vase 2  Sway Silicone Container with Lid   Rose Plate 2 Pink

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