Furniture from Recycled Materials

Built from Scrap

Furniture from Recycled Materials Furniture designers have long been fascinated by the potential of using discarded materials, a trend accelerated by the recent clamour for all things recycled, upcycled and repurposed. Here is a small selection of designs which have caught our eye.


Link by we+

Furniture from Recycled Materials

Did you know that the average lifespan of commercial buildings in Japan is only 5-10 years? This implies an inordinate amount of discarded building materials which is totally wasted. As part of the Semba Ethical Thinking Design initiative, Japanese design studio we+ has transformed such building waste by grinding and re-constituting them to create a new material. This is used to build a number of occasional tables and screens which retain a distinct architectural flavour. We particularly like the colourful patination created by oxidised metal elements and the surface finish of the objects, which resembles concrete board-marks.

Furniture from Recycled Materials Furniture from Recycled Materials Furniture from Recycled MaterialsLink: we+


Dirk van der Kooij's Fantastic Plastics

Furniture from Recycled Materials

Netherlands-based Dirk van der Kooij is a pioneer of circular manufacturing, long before the concept became popular. His fascination with recycling plastics has led him to develop specialist manufacturing processes, including an extrusion machine fashioned from disused car production robot arms. Waste plastic from fridge interiors to CD cases are melted, pressed and extruded to form chairs, tables and lights. True to his circular principles, even the production waste is recycled into blocks of plastic, which are then carved into benches and tables. No veneers or surface finishes are used on any product, which means scratches can be polished away and the entire object can be recycled again. The end products have a surprisingly artisanal, almost child-like quality, a tribute to the designer's passion and ingenuity.

Furniture from Recycled Materials Furniture from Recycled Materials Furniture from Recycled Materials Furniture from Recycled Materials Furniture from Recycled Materials

Link: Dirk van der Kooij


Padded Chairs by Jinyeong Yeon

Furniture from Recycled Materials

The fashion industry has a huge waste problem with unsold garments. Fabric covers account for a big chunk of the cost of upholstered furniture. Korean designer Jinyeong Yeon put these two observations together and cleverly created a series of armchairs and sofas upholstered with surplus puffer coats (courtesy of Shirter, a South Korean fashion brand). The padded fabrics give the chairs a warm, inviting vibe, whilst details such as pockets and zips add a large dose of humour and visual interest. Perfect for a cosy night in.  

Furniture from Recycled Materials Furniture from Recycled Materials Link: Jinyeong Yeon


Burnt Cork Furniture by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

Furniture from Recycled MaterialsWhen French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance drove from France to Portugal one summer, he was struck by the post apocalyptic scenes of forests on fire. One of the by-products of these forest fires is piles of discarded charred cork. Enchanted by the unique colour and texture of the burnt cork as well as their connection to the fires, the designer transformed them into solid blocks which were then carved into a series of tables and chairs. The end results are not only beautifully sleek and organic, but they also embody the spirit of the rising phoenix.

Furniture from Recycled Materials Furniture from Recycled Materials Furniture from Recycled Materials

Link: Made in Situ 


Product Inspiration

Embrace the spirit of recycling with the Ocean Bench from Mater, the recycled airplane trolley from Bordbar and the Carpet Reloaded rug from Golran.

Ocean Bench - Mater - Do Shop   Bordbar Recycled Trolley - Silver Frame (More Designs Available) - Bordbar - Do Shop   Carpet Reloaded - Patchwork - Golran - Do Shop


The Scraplight Tilt table light from Graypants is made of recycled cardboard. For a similar raw look try the Stchu-Moon wall lamp from Catellani & Smith and the AD floor lamp from 101 Copenhagen.

Scraplight Tilt Table Light - Graypants - Do Shop   Stchu-Moon Wall Lamp - Catellani & Smith - Do Shop   AD Floor Lamp - 101 Copenhagen - Do Shop


Get the recycled look with the concrete Pipeline vase from Lyon Beton, the Pipework London Tube Map Coat Rack from Nick Fraser and the Duck Big Tray from 101 Copenhagen.

Concrete Pipeline Stem Vase - Medium - Lyon Beton - Do Shop   Pipework London Tube Map - Coat Rack - Nick Fraser - Do Shop   Duck Big Tray - 101 Copenhagen - Do Shop