Ewen Tree House by Hawkes Architecture

November 13, 2018

Forest Vision

Ewen Tree House by Hawkes ArchitectureGetting planning permission to build new homes in the UK is not easy, especially in protected rural areas.  One option is through so called "para 55" developments (named after the planning regulation which sets out these special conditions), which allows a house to be built if the design is innovative, of exceptional quality and enhances its surrounding environment in a sensitive way.  Architect Richard Hawkes is a veteran of para 55 developments, the only architect with an unparalleled 100% planning approval rate for such projects.  His latest venture, the Ewen Tree House in the picturesque Cotswolds, is a great example of his creative approach.

Nestling in a grassy glade within a seven-acre plot of mature woodland, the 400 square metre house is raised on slender stilts, which maximises the idyllic views and gives the impression of an elaborate house built on top of the trees.  The house is in the shape of four drum-shaped modules joined by two long corridors.  Extensive floor-to-ceiling windows with vertical and lattice-shaped wooden frames let in plenty of sunlight and help the house to blend in with the surrounding woodland.

Inside, the generously proportioned living, dining and sleeping areas flow into each other effortlessly.  The curvy walls of the individual modules subtly demarcate the different zones, reinforcing the organic feel of the house.  We particularly like the circular study at one end of the house, although with such panoramic views it is surely the most distracting place to work in.  

This seven-acre plot of land near the village of Ewen in Gloucestershire, with full planning permission in place, is being marketed by Savills for £1,000,000.  The house itself, designed by Hawkes Architecture, is estimated to cost approximately £2,000,000 to build.  The construction programme is scheduled to start in 2019 and is expected to take 14 months to complete.  

Ewen Tree House by Hawkes ArchitectureEwen Tree House by Hawkes ArchitectureEwen Tree House by Hawkes ArchitectureEwen Tree House by Hawkes ArchitectureEwen Tree House by Hawkes Architecture


Hawkes Architecture


Product Inspiration

Create a soothing, natural design scheme with plenty of wood and natural materials.  Try the Bondt rectangular table from Zeitraum, the Bund dining chair from Stellar Works and the Tailor sofa from Menu.

Bondt Rectangular Table   Bund Dining Chair   Tailor Sofa


Keep the lighting simple and naturalistic with the Domo suspension light from LZF, the Scraplight Tilt floor light from Graypants and the Kizu table lamp from New Works.

Domo Suspension Light   Scraplight Tilt Floor Light   Kizu Table Lamp


Wallpaper is a great way to create an organic vibe.  Try the photo-realistic Scrapwood wallpaper from NLXL or the richly decorative Japanese Garden wallpaper from Mind The Gap.  Not forgetting our feathery friends outside, try the Dish of Desire bird feeding table from Frederik Roije.

Scrapwood Wallpaper PHE-07 by Piet Hein Eek   Japanese Garden Collectables Wallpaper   Dish of Desire Two Course Menu

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