Design Academy Eindhoven 2019 Highlights - Products


Design Academy Eindhoven 2019 Highlights - ProductsIf a sign of great design is to create highly desirable products which you didn't know you needed, then this year's graduates from the Design Academy Eindhoven are full of creative geniuses. Here are a few of our favourite projects.



Design Academy Eindhoven 2019 Highlights - Products As most enlightened souls would (hopefully) agree, the colour of our skin has no bearing on our character and capabilities. Differences in skin colour should therefore be celebrated for what they are, not for what others assume they represent. This is the inspiration behind Satomi Minoshima's Skin Tote bags, a series of silicon bags in different skin tones and in shapes which recall different body postures. A great way to "wear" your skin colour with pride, at the same time making the point that your skin is but the vessel carrying your personality. 

Looking for a bag just as special as the Skin Tote? Try the stylish and practical Bellows iPad shoulder bag from Nava.

Bellows iPad Shoulder Bag - Dark Grey - Nava - Do Shop

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Design Academy Eindhoven 2019 Highlights - ProductsMedical splints are necessary, but also rather ugly, which is a disaster. Afterall, what if you hurt your finger just before a red carpet event? The horrendous white bandage will never go with your glamorous ball gown. Designer Aurélie Varga has the perfect answer for such sticky situations: a collection of minimalist copper wearables which immobilises your injured hand or finger just like splints but with the sleek good looks of fine jewellery. Every cloud has a copper lining, as you could say.

For a beautiful (albeit difficult to wear) accessory in copper try the Axonometry Cube Set from Ghidini 1961.

Axonometry Cube Set - Ghidini 1961 - Do Shop

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Design Academy Eindhoven 2019 Highlights - ProductsThe environment is a hot topic in the design world, with the wasteful overuse of plastic one of the most intractable issues. Instead of finding ways to recycle plastic, perhaps we should make it so beautiful that people won't throw it away in the first place? Designer Dorian Renard explores this intriguing idea by applying glass blowing techniques to create a series of decorative plastic objects with delicate forms and creative artistry to rival the glass masterpieces from Murano. Proof, if any is needed, that plastic can indeed be fantastic.

The beautifully sculptural Little Albert armchair from Moroso is a an elegant and versatile plastic chair that you definitely won't want to throw away.

 Little Albert Armchair - Moroso - Do Shop

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Design Academy Eindhoven 2019 Highlights - ProductsThe Netherlands is the largest cut flower producer and also hosts the largest flower auction market in the world. This, unfortunately, also means that the country produces a huge amount of flower wastage, as unsold blooms are often just thrown away. Designer Jetske Korenromp's ingenious solution to this problem is to turn the discarded flowers into gift wrap and packaging for flowers. She does so by applying traditional paper-making techniques to create a delightfully rustic material, complete with the remnants of the flowers which once bloomed so brightly. A beautiful solution which is great for the planet.

Want to introduce nature at home? Try plants instead of cut flowers. The Saturno plant holders from Formae would be perfect for them.

Saturno Plant Holder - Formae - Do Shop

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