CR Apartment by ESQVTA

Contemporary Heritage

CR Apartment by ESQVTA

Once upon a time, the grand cities of Europe were filled with handsome hôtels particuliers, built as much for impressing guests as for living in. At the heart of such mansions lie the piano nobile, the stately first floor which houses the principal rooms. The CR apartment in Lisbon is one such example. This has recently been transformed into a modern family home by Porto-based Vitor Almeida at ESQVTA architects.

Originally built to entertain on a grand scale, it was clear that major renovation would be needed to drag the apartment into the 21st century. Afterall, there were 11 rooms, only one of which was a bathroom. The architect preserved all the period details, especially the lavish wall and ceiling painted stucco, whilst re-configuring the space to create three living rooms, two dining rooms, one kitchen, three bedrooms and five bathrooms.

To complement the space, the architect made a selection of sleek, contemporary furniture with a timeless appeal. We particularly like the freeform sofa in the main living room and the outsized glass table in the dining room, both of which meld with and showcase the 17th century decor beautifully. This is a great example of how contemporary designs can work harmoniously in classic spaces.

CR Apartment by ESQVTA CR Apartment by ESQVTA CR Apartment by ESQVTA CR Apartment by ESQVTA CR Apartment by ESQVTA CR Apartment by ESQVTA CR Apartment by ESQVTA CR Apartment by ESQVTA CR Apartment by ESQVTA CR Apartment by ESQVTA





Product Inspiration

For a contemporary sofa that works beautifully in a classic space, look no further than the Gogan sofa from Moroso. Create a sleek and elegant dining room with the Jasper dining table from Collector and the Mandarin dining chair from Stellar Works.

Gogan Sofa - Moroso - Do Shop   Jasper Dining Table - Collector - Do Shop  Mandarin Dining Chair - Stellar Works - Do Shop


Understated and minimalist lights work wonderfully in classic design schemes. Try the Oh! Line suspension light from LZF, the Lederam wall lamp from Catellani & Smith and the Trio table lamp from Ghidini 1961.

Oh! Line Suspension Light - LZF - Do Shop   Lederam Wall Lamp - Catellani & Smith - Do Shop   Trio Table Lamp - Ghidini 1961 - Do Shop


Add a touch of style with accessories such as the Pepe mirror from Menu, the Toallero towel stand from Nomon and the Guggenheim vase from 101 Copenhagen.

Pepe Marble Mirror - Brass Frame and White Marble Base - Menu - Do Shop   Towel Stand - Toallero - Nomon - Do Shop   Guggenheim Big Container - 101 Copenhagen - Do Shop