Canal St Martin Apartment by Stephane Ghestem

July 14, 2016


Canal St Martin Apartment by Stephane Ghestem

Too much minimalism can make a boy dull, sometimes it's good to let go and indulge our senses with vibrant colours and exotic shapes.  So imagine our delight when we came across this stunning loft in the Canal St Martin area of Paris, designed by architect Stephane Ghestem for a fashion designer.

The apartment is full of visual interest and great design ideas.  Structural elements such as the low stepped platform and the black volume with giant textured tiles are used cleverly to divide the space and conceal the kitchen.  Simple, blocked shaped furniture such as the sofa and the multiple occasional tables in different heights provide a neutral background against which the warm contemporary colour palette and sculptural accessories stand out.  Statement lighting leads the eyes upwards and adds interest to the high ceiling space whilst quirky features such as the tree-trunk armchair and the white-tiled bathroom add a humourous touch.

Overall, we love the exuberant presentation of colours, shapes and textures, a confident display of the designers' unique style.  This is a plea for us all to be brave and surround ourselves with things we love.  Afterall, isn't that what life is all about?

Canal St Martin Apartment by Stephane GhestemCanal St Martin Apartment by Stephane GhestemCanal St Martin Apartment by Stephane GhestemCanal St Martin Apartment by Stephane GhestemCanal St Martin Apartment by Stephane Ghestem


Stephane Ghestem

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The use of bold colours and textures is a key feature of a contemporary romantic design scheme.  We love the shape and jewelled tones of the Toadstool sofa from Missana, which will go well with the Fishbone tables and Mathilda chair, both from Moroso.


For sculptural and stylish statement lighting try the Mini Mikado suspension light from LZF with its natural wood veneers in a wide range of colours or the spectacular Escappa suspension light from Scott Pirie for an industrial touch.  The Vapeur table light from Moustache is great for adding a quirky touch.


Quirky and exuberant accessories are essential for adding visual interest.  The Tree Vase from Sena Gu and the Nowhere (Bullet) Vase from Ghidini 1961 are both quirky and elegant.  For a touch of industrial style go for the Transmission candle holder from Diesel Living.


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