Budge Over Dover by YSG

September 24, 2020

Delight in Contrasts

Budge Over Dover by YSG

In a world full of bland interiors designed to play safe rather than to inspire, one should commend interior designers who push the boundaries of creativity. For this reason we are delighted that interior design firm YSG has won the Residential Design and Residential Decoration categories at the prestigious Australian Interior Design Awards 2020. Their winning project is a refreshingly unconventional home which shows what you can achieve with a dose of daring.

Budge Over Dover is a 825 square metre standalone house on the coast of Sydney which YSG was asked to renovate for a young family. Whilst there are structural changes to the house, notably the unusual creation of two master bedrooms (so that the couple can minimise disruption to each other with their baby's night time duties), it is the interior decoration which sets off the fireworks.

Everywhere you look there are intriguing contrasts in colours, shapes and textures. Ceilings in shades of aubergine and grey are juxtaposed against walls, rugs and furniture in soothing hues of peach, plum and pistachio. The smooth Venetian plaster walls are offset against the geometric pattern and rough texture of the red brick floors. Further contrasts are offered by the use of slatted screens in wood (which ties in with the external facade of the house) as well as marble and travertine table and counter tops in multiple patterns.

In lesser hands this rich melange of colours and textures could easily overwhelm the senses, but here they are applied with flair and sensitivity, resulting in an exquisite space that surprises and delights in equal measures. 

Budge Over Dover by YSG Budge Over Dover by YSG Budge Over Dover by YSG Budge Over Dover by YSG Budge Over Dover by YSG Budge Over Dover by YSG Budge Over Dover by YSG Budge Over Dover by YSG Budge Over Dover by YSG Budge Over Dover by YSG Budge Over Dover by YSG Budge Over Dover by YSG Budge Over Dover by YSG Budge Over Dover by YSG




Australian Interior Design Awards 2020


Product Inspiration

Create delightful contrasts with the Discipline sofa from Stellar Works, the Yris dining table from Agrippa and the Helene coffee table from Mambo

Discipline Sofa Half Back Left - Stellar Works - Do Shop   Yris Dining Table - Agrippa - Do Shop  Helene Coffee Table - Mambo - Do Shop


Lights in simple, sculptural shapes would look great in a room full of textural contrasts. Try the Dancing pendant light from Menu, the T-Lamp table light from Frama and the AD floor lamp from 101 Copenhagen.

Dancing Pendant Light - Menu - Do Shop    T-Lamp Table Light - Frama - Do Shop   AD Floor Lamp - 101 Copenhagen - Do Shop


Add some interesting contrasts in colours and textures to your walls with the Souk mirror from Dooq and the Vertigo wall hanger from Nomon. For a dash of colour what about a vibrant wallpaper such as the Hexa Onyx Manhattan wallpaper from Mind The Gap

Souk Red Mirror - Dooq - Do Shop   Vértigo - Wall Hanger - Nomom - Do Shop   Hexa Onyx Manhattan Wallpaper - MINDTHEGAP - Do Shop

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