Windows to the World


The team at Anotherview has created a series of evocative artworks with films of window views from locations around the world.

Shot in high-definition from real windows over periods of up to 24 hours, the films are played on continuous loops on screens encased in actual window frames, producing uncannily realistic, albeit nomadic, window views.  The installations create a magical experience, transporting viewers to unexpected locations, forcing them to slow down and appreciate the minutiae of daily life captured by the films.  Watch enraptured as skyscrapers in New York light up as day turns slowly into night, or waves gently lapping the shores of Boulders Beach in South Africa, or a farmer languidly criss-crossing the rolling fields of northern Italy on his lawn-mower.

These beguiling artworks serve a conservationist purpose too, as the artists aim to capture fast vanishing scenes for posterity.  Their latest installation, shown at Galleria Rossana Orlandi in Milan during the design week, features the view of a bustling canal from a palazzo in Venice; a picture postcard perfect vista which may well exist only in video form in the not so distant future.




Galleria Rossana Orlandi

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Product Inspiration

Bring the world to your home with beautiful and evocative furniture from around the world.  The stunning Lake rug from Golran is hand-made in Nepal, whilst the Altay armchair from Coedition is the result of the best craftsmanship in Italy.  We also love the simplicity, style and quality of the Hiruki chair from Alki.

 Lake Rug - Shades of Blue   Altay Armchair - White Goatskin   Hiruki - Chair


The Swirl suspension light from LZF is handcrafted in Spain and creates beautifully warm and evocative light.  We also love the spectacular Blossoms OLED floor light from Blackbody and the poise and reserve of the Kizu table lamp from New Works

Swirl Suspension Light - Large  Blossoms - Floor OLED Light (BB 60)   Kizu Table Lamp


For beautifully hand crafted accessories look no further than Sena Gu from South Korea.  Her collection of ceramic objects, such as the Tree vase, Rose plate and Cauliflower container, combine craftsmanship, evocative designs and a touch of humour. 

Tree Vase   Rose Plate 2 Pink   Cauliflower Container