Seascape Retreat, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand: NZD 3,395 (GBP 1,550) per Night

February 12, 2016

Rocky Luxe

When you need to refresh and rejuvenate, immerse yourself in nature and get away from it all, we have just the place for you.  The Seascape Retreat in Banks Peninsula, New Zealand is billed as a contemporary romantic retreat, ideal for honeymooning couples but just as enjoyable for burnt-out city-slickers seeking solitude or writers in search for inspiration.

What the agent says: "Seascape is a sparkling jewel in Annandale’s crown: a picturesque private bay, above which an ultra-modern retreat provides a truly romantic experience.  Accessed by helicopter or by a 40-minute transfer in a 4WD Annandale vehicle across the cliff-top farm tracks, this awe-inspiring setting offers couples the chance to make memories around the clock.  As you approach the bay, with its dark pebbles and azure waters, it is clear you are somewhere timeless and unique.  The turf roof, stone walls and glass façade of the contemporary accommodation discreetly add another dimension to the landscape.  Inside, a king-size bed sits upon a dais, a step up from the living area and fireplace, so the incredible view dominates the space.  The modern bathroom matches the rest of Seascape for drama – an arrowslit window capturing a view of the dramatic rock formations along the coast and leading to the outdoor spa."

What we love:
The intimate size, the open plan arrangement, the discrete luxury of the interior - every aspect of the cottage is designed to focus attention on the stunning views of its splendidly isolated location. 

What we would do:
We'd do nothing.  Perhaps sit by the sea all day and listen to the waves.  This debate on whether to lounge on the sofa or to soak in the outdoor hot tub is really exhausting.

The Seascape Retreat is designed by Pattersons Associates Architects and is available to rent from Annandale.  Prices and details correct as at 12 February 2016.


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Product Inspiration

Discrete but comfortable furniture is what you need to focus attention on the beautiful views outside.  We like the Gentry sofa from Moroso and the Concrete Bistro table from Lyon Beton.

Gentry 2-Seater Sofa      Concrete Bistro Table - Rectangular - Lyon Beton

A minimalist wall light such as the Hi-Collar from LZF will suffuse your room with a romantically warm glow.  The elegantly and subtle Skylight Tower suspension lights from Frederik Roije look great when used in a group above a dining table, casting pools of light from above.

Hi-Collar Wall Light - White      Skylight Tower - Frederik Roije

A modern luxury retreat needs contemporary accessories such as the sculptural candles from Andrej Urem or the Slide Serving Tray from Finell.

Hara Candle      Slide Serving Tray

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