Not Another Magazine by Sara Sturges and Daniela Treija

No More Marble Please

As Sara Sturges and Daniela Treija, who just graduated cum laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven observed, "it's absurd how repetitive design trends have become".  Fed up with seeing yet another light / decorative object / mobile phone case made of marble?  Or copper?  Or what about the young designers' pet hate - pineapples used as props in photoshoots?  One can blame it on the ease of image-sharing with the advent of social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, but the fundamental issue is the dearth of creativity from many designers and stylists and the unwillingness of many businesses to take commercial risks with genuinely new, creative ideas.  Sturges and Treija's graduation project pokes fun at this by allowing users to vote for the most overused design cliche on social media, with the winner featured in a monthly magazine called Not Another.  It's a thought-provoking reminder on the importance of creativity which we fully applaud.

Part of the Design Academy Eindhoven 2015 Graduation show.



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