Starlight Room, Dolomites: EUR 300 (GBP 250) per Night

A Room With a View

Starlight Room, Dolomites: EUR 300 (GBP 250) Per Night

The ski season may be coming to an end but don't let that deter you from making the trek to the Falzarego Pass near the resort of Cortina in Italy, where Raniero Campigotto has built a delightful glass micro-cabin designed to offer the best views of the mountains.  

What the agent says (courtesy of Google Translate, apologies for the Italienglish): "From dusk till dawn, admire the sky rapido share the front row, nestled in a comfortable room by glass walls.  It made possible by the genius of dream Raniero Campigotto who devised a moving room to Col Gallina (Falzarego).  Twenty kilometres from the hectic life of Cortina d'Ampezzo and Val Badia so you can spend a night in the "Starlight Room Dolomites", to enjoy alone or with friends, the magic of the sky far from light pollution and noise."

What we love:
We can't think of a more romantic and luxurious way to spend the night under the stars, since sleeping outside in a sleeping bag is definitely out of the question (thank heavens the cabin benefits from central heating).  For EUR 300 per night you even get a four course dinner thrown in! 

What we would do:
Count stars and set the alarm to catch the sunrise.

The Starlight Room is operated by the Col Gallina Refuge.  Prices and details correct as at 23 March 2016.

Starlight Room, Dolomites: EUR 300 (GBP 250) Per NightStarlight Room, Dolomites: EUR 300 (GBP 250) Per NightStarlight Room, Dolomites: EUR 300 (GBP 250) Per NightStarlight Room, Dolomites: EUR 300 (GBP 250) Per Night


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A room with incredible views require discrete and unobtrusive furniture.  We would recommend the Emea auxiliary chair from Alki - sleek, elegant and full of style.  Inspired by the micro-cabin?  Why not create your own little micro universe with a Bordbar airplane trolley, which offers endless possibilities for customisation.



The warm glow of the JWDA concrete lamp from Menu is perfect for the romantic cabin up in the Dolomites.  Alternatively you can create your own starry night at home with the I.Rain OLED light from Blackbody.



If you love the night sky you can reach for the stars with the Cosmic Collection of plates and grinders, all from Diesel Living.