The Whimsical World of Karman Lights

March 21, 2016

Light and Magic 

The Whimsical World of Karman Lights

Lighting is serious business but every now and then a design scheme calls for lights which goes beyond just function and lumens.  That's why we like Karman, an Italian lighting company known for its ability to communicate the fantastical visions of its designers through the medium of light.

From the 2016 collection we love Work in Progress, a poetic interpretation of portable lights used in construction sites and the evocative Notredame light, inspired by the rose windows of gothic cathedrals.  From older collections the aptly named Au Revoir suspension light captures the essence of wilting blooms and would provide the perfect ironic touch for a room with a decadent style design.  We also like the playfulness of Crash and Deja-Vu Nu as well as the industrial inspirations behind Nando and Mek.  Great example of how good design can communicate ideas and stir the emotions. 

The Whimsical World of Karman LightsThe Whimsical World of Karman LightsThe Whimsical World of Karman LightsThe Whimsical World of Karman LightsThe Whimsical World of Karman Lights


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If every chair has a personality then Chubby Chic would be a slightly overweight but comfortable gentleman, content with a whisky in hand whilst he watches Mathilda, the delicate young ballerina, dancing elegantly across the room.  Both chairs are from Moroso.



Nature is a rich source of inspiration for lighting, from the caged bird in Twee. T from Casamania to the mysterious half flower half winged-creature of the Cape from Moustache, not to mention the Monkey Light from Seletti.



Clever use of accessories is a great way to add depth and interest to any interior space.  The Metro bowl from Frederik Roije never fails to bring back memories of travelling in New York, whilst the hand-crafted ceramics of Sena Gu, such as the Avocado vase, showcases the magic of the natural world.



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