Radar Station by MS-DA and Johnson Naylor

September 05, 2019

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Radar Station by MS-DA and Johnson NaylorDungeness, with its grey North Sea setting and hulking presence of a nuclear power station, may not strike many as a desirable spot for a beach cottage. For some, however, this bleakness is precisely the appeal. The beach is host to a number of architectural gems, including the world-famous Prospect Cottage of film director Derek Jarman. The latest addition to this illustrious stretch of shingle is the Radar Station cottage by architect Michel Schranz and interior architects Johnson Naylor.

Externally, the cottage takes the form of two offset rectangular sheds cladded with tough corrugated zinc sheets all over. The double pitched roof is punctuated by a tubular chimney which reaches all the way to the ground, a design feature which echoes the lighthouse nearby and hints at the industrial origins of the site, which previously housed a couple of sheds used for testing radar equipment.

If the exterior of the cottage reflects the industrial vernacular and harsh environment of the location, then the interior is all about creating a warm and welcoming haven from which to enjoy the dramatic landscape. The walls, ceiling and floors are all in timber, stained in a soothing palette of white, off-white and pale grey. The herringbone-pattern floor boards in the living area creates a sense of dynamism as well as a subtle sense of separation from the bedroom area, which is on a raised deck behind the sofa. The living area is dominated by an enormous window with a wide platform in front, a perfect spot on which to lounge and contemplate the endless vistas. The furniture, mostly in neutral colours and organic finishes, feels minimalist yet cosy.

This cottage is designed, first and foremost, to celebrate the unique beauty of its location. To be able to create an interior space that stands in such contrast and harmony with the exterior is a real design triumph.

Radar Station by MS-DA and Johnson NaylorRadar Station by MS-DA and Johnson NaylorRadar Station by MS-DA and Johnson NaylorRadar Station by MS-DA and Johnson NaylorRadar Station by MS-DA and Johnson NaylorRadar Station by MS-DA and Johnson NaylorRadar Station by MS-DA and Johnson NaylorRadar Station by MS-DA and Johnson NaylorRadar Station by MS-DA and Johnson Naylor

Radar Station by MS-DA and Johnson NaylorRadar Station by MS-DA and Johnson Naylor



Johnson Naylor


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