Maxon Studio by Olson Kundig

Off the Rails

Maxon Studio by Olson KundigAll little boys like trains, so it seems. So to have a little house which can move along a rail track must be every boy's dream come true. This whimsical idea was dreamt up by the architects at Olson Kundig whilst they were designing a new house for Lou Maxon, who is also the general contractor of this fantastic project, located in a densely forested site not far from Seattle.

Some say commuting helps to separate work from home, so why not have your home studio embark on a mini commute on its own? This epic journey is made possible by setting the two storey steel structure on a 15 feet gauge railway track, complete with upcycled railway sleepers and a high tech stabilising bar to prevent the studio from toppling over in an earthquake.

Inside, the studio exudes a calm, contemplative vibe with meticulously crafted fixtures and floor-to-ceiling windows. Details to delight train aficionados abound, from the Great Northern Railway inspired paint job to the authentic locomotive control panel, rewired to control the electric motor. At the flick of a switch the studio glides silently along the track, setting off on its short commute from the main house to the other end of the garden, where it enjoys serene views of the woods. It is enough to transport a grown man back to be a little boy again.

Maxon Studio by Olson Kundig Maxon Studio by Olson Kundig Maxon Studio by Olson Kundig Maxon Studio by Olson Kundig Maxon Studio by Olson Kundig Maxon Studio by Olson Kundig Maxon Studio by Olson Kundig Maxon Studio by Olson Kundig



Olson Kundig

Product Inspiration

A comfortable armchair with industrial details would be perfect for the Maxon studio. Try the Utility Lounge Chair from Stellar Works, the Shaker Armchair from Ghidini 1961 or the Silver Lake Armchair from Moroso.

Utility Lounge Chair - Stellar Works - Do Shop   Shaker Armchair - Ghidini 1961 - Do Shop   Silver Lake Armchair - Moroso - Do Shop


For a small studio space look for discrete wall and table lights such as Roest 30 Wall Light from Graypants, the Bolt Desk Light from Tonone or the Kasa Table Light from LZF.

Roest 30 Wall Light - Graypants - Do Shop   Bolt Desk Light 2 Arms Small - Tonone - Do Shop   Kasa Table Light - LZF - Do Shop


For beautifully crafted industrial style accessories try the Blockwork Desk Organiser from Lyon Beton, the Pura Magazine Holder from Formae and the Spire Metal Wall Hook from Finell.

Blockwork Desk Organiser - Lyon Beton - Do Shop   Pura Magazine Holder - Formae - Do Shop   Spire Metal Wall Hook - Finell - Do Shop