Stapelliege Stacked Beds - Comfort Height - Best Seller

The Stapelliege Stacked Bed (Comfort Height) designed by Rolf Heide, for Mueller (or Müller) Möbelwerkstätten, writes design history since 1966. The complexity of the design has made it ideal in a student flat share or in the guest-room – whenever an additional sleeping possibility is needed the stacked bed can be brought easily and comfortably in position. Due to its design and the accessories available the bed and also be used as s sofa.

  • Bed accessories are also available with a range to choose from.
  • There are 3 bed sizes to choose from.
  • The Stapelliege are also available in the Normal Height (Klassik) model and the Comfort Height (Komfort) model.
  • The Comfort model has a higher height than the Normal model.
  • Mattresses sold separately.
  • Delivery 4 - 6 weeks.
  • Please contact us for more information.

The package of our best seller bed includes all of the following:

Stapelliege Stacking Bed Comfort Height - 2 units
Model: 950B2 – RAL TON – RAL 9010 – Reinweiss (Pure White)
Natural Beech, lacquered
Dim: W 90 x L 200 x H 27.5 cm
Price: £1,473.60 (£736.80 per unit)

Slatted Frames (Rolling) - 2 units
Model: 901-2
Dim: W90 x L200 x H15 cm
Slatted frame, rollable
Stable laminated wood slats, linked with belt, drilled, with fixing screws
Price: £213.60 (£106.80 per unit)

Mattress – UK Approved - 2 units
Model: 912-2
Dim: W 90 x L 200 x H 14 cm
7 zones- cold foam mattress volume weight 40
hardness H, dimensionally stable and point-elastic, cover made of valuable multi-zone quilting with high-quality brand wood fibre, full zipper removable and washable to 60 °C, white, very well suited for allergy sufferers, test winner according to consumer foundation product testing 3/2006.
Price: £916.80 (£458.40 per unit)

Brackets (Pair of Clips) - 1 unit
Model: 906
Dim: W 3.5 x L 5 x H 5 cm
Pair of clips, aluminium-coloured to connect 2 beds with each other, to be fitted on the sides, approx. 5 x 5 cm
Price: £27.60

Safety Rail with Holder Lacquered - 1 unit
Model: 9052-RAL TON – RAL 9010 – Reinweiss (Pure White)
Dim: H 8.5 x L 99.50 x W 1.6 cm
Safety rail with holder, lacquered in standard colours
Price: £111.60

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