Lunar Dining Chair

The Lunar Collection has been created by Space Cph for Stellar Works.

The Moon is a symbol of new life, of autumn and female energy, also associated with Yin, the female principle in yin and yang. An old Chinese legend tells us about Chang’e, the goddess of the Moon, who ‘arises’ in the West and her lunar palace is called Guanghan, which means wild coldness. The Lunar Collection is deeply influenced and inspired by ancient Chinese culture and details. It is a stunning showcase of cool Nordic design melded with Chinese poetry and magic.

Space Cph is a multidisciplinary design studio known for defying the mundane and bringing a strong personal vision to their design. Working within architecture, interior design and furniture design, Space Cph has a specific ability to apply an emotional working method – a methodology they define as “poetic modernism” – when creating spaces and designs for luxury and lifestyle clients such as Noma in Copenhagen, currently rated as the world’s best restaurant.

Space Cph was established in 2005 by Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou, both graduates of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. Today they live and work in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Stellar Works is a contemporary design brand with a strong commitment to creating novel collections inspired by craftsmanship and style traditions from around the world - collections that offer a sense of comfort, intimacy and timeless refinement, with a passion for cultural investigation and for rediscovering natural materials, styles and craftsmanship.

Incorporated in Hong Kong, with factories in Shanghai and creative direction from Copenhagen, Stellar Works draws on the unique heritage of its Japanese, French and Chinese founders; it is committed to quality and it has a highly professional team of local craftsmen, with technicians from France, China and Japan, to ensure the highest quality of woodcraft, upholstery and leatherwork.

Price: please contact us for more details.

  • Designed by Space Cph
  • Available in multiple materials and fabrics, please enquire for more details
  • Large size: W 63 x H 84 x D 56.8 cm
  • Regular size: W 60 x H 77.9 x D 50.8 cm