Heldu Working Tables

The Heldu Working Tables range is now available to furnish office spaces. Different modules of table surfaces can be joined together to create a working platform with variable shapes and sizes. Mobile partitions enable workstations to be laid out quickly according to working requirements. All electric wires can run along the axis in a metal cable tray and power sockets are hidden by wooden and leather blocks. A desk lamp and tidy can also be fitted in the cavity. Vertical tabletop partitions complete the collection and enable space to be organised accordingly. 

The Heldu Rectangular Working Table is made of a solid oak construction. Its top is available in solid oak (3 ply, 22 mm thickness) or laminate FENIX NTM® super opaque nanotech material.

Designed by Iratzoki Lizaso, the Heldu Working Tables collection has been built following a traditional technique for joining wood elements. The crosspieces of the chair fit into the seat. Those of the table fit into the tabletop. Colours are used to highlight the interlocking pieces.

After working together for several years, Jean Louis Iratzoki and Ander Lizaso teamed up to create Iratzoki Lizaso, a multi disciplinary design studio that aims to design from the Basque Country.  Their collaboration with Alki is very long standing.

Alki´s path started in 1981 in a small village in the northern Basque Country, in Itsasu. In a time of economic difficulties a group of five friends founded a small chair factory that was named Alki which means “chair” in Basque, with the aim of creating jobs in a weakly industrialised region. The cooperative status was the most suitable to our values which are an essential part of our day-to-day existence. Combining ancestral tradition and modern technology, Alki now offers conviviality in a more contemporary style. At Alki, oak, the most noble of woods, is more than a raw material. It is a symbol of our deep commitment to guiding the company towards rational and sustainable development. At Alki's core lies an abundance of skill and know- how that blurs the boundaries between the artisanal and the industrial.