Concrete Perspective Coffee Table

This Concrete Perspective Coffee Table by Lyon Beton is sleek and minimalist, a neutral backdrop which enhances things which are placed on it. Perfect for those who want to create an industrial look or are looking for a neutral yet special coffee table.

Brand: Lyon Beton
Dimensions: L 130 x W 70 x H 30 cm
Materials: Top in concrete; legs in stainless steel
Delivery: approximately 4-6 weeks 

The Perspective Collection of Lyon Beton comprises different products ranging from various tables with multiple functionalities to benches.

Lyon Beton specialises in designing and manufacturing concrete furniture and accessories. Fascinated by the technical and plastic possibilities of this material, Lyon Beton worked for 5 years to develop a unique type of concrete, reinforced with metal wire and fibre, specifically for the production of furniture. The end product is not only relatively light, but is also extremely hard wearing and easy to maintain; ideal for use indoors and outdoors, for both private and public spaces.


Initial Payment: £160
11 Monthly Payments: £58

After 12 months, choose to Continue, Buy, Swap or Return.

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