Fisherman - Pet Collar

BRAIDED FISHERMAN COLLAR for the nautical dog.

Founded in 1998, Wagwear offers puppy chic in the latest colours with fully-functional details such as reflective tape in the leashes and coats, materials such as oil cloth, canvas and climbing rope, and overall classic design one might find on the beaches of Martha's Vineyard or the streets of Tribeca the same weekend.

Collar Size: is determined by the circumference, in cm, of your pup's neck.

S (L 35 to 40 cm x W 2 cm)
M (L 42 to 50 cm x W 2.5 cm)

  • Made from braided SUNBRELLA cording. This top-quality material is color-safe and fade resistant.
  • Solid brass hardware plated in muted nickel. Safe for swimming !