Dispersion I.Rain - Suspension OLED Light (BB 82.100)

by Blackbody

Price On Application

Dispersion is a new suspension light designed by Thierry Gaugain, utilising round and square pixels in variable colours to create an extravagant composition. Like the I.Rain, Dispersion can be entirely custom-made.
The latest OLED suspension designed by Thierry Gaugain for Blackbody. This composition can be adapted in size, height and number of OLED in order to fit to your projects. The I.Rain product family is composed of a range of product having any requested number of pixels, in addition to all the flexibility of custom made suspensions adapted to stair tubes, showrooms or corridors.

OLEDs organic light-emitting diodes form 2 mm thin luminous surfaces. They belong to the family of semi-conductor lighting sources just like LEDs, which are commonly used for outdoor lighting and automobiles. However, OLEDs rely on organic substances such as carbon and hydrogen to emit light. OLED lighting solutions give rise to a new use for light. Long-lasting (50,000 hour life), ultra flat, glare-free, and heat-free, these luminous panes are reinventing home lighting.
Light becomes a fully functional material, which adopts an endless variety of forms or colours, enabling architects as well as designers to explore innovative and personalized approaches. As such, it allows lamp designers to associate lighting with visual and tactile senses, bringing life to their creations.

Customisable - please enquire for more information

I.Rain Collection 

Thierry Gaugin for Blackbody

Blackbody is the global leader in applying cutting-edge OLED (organic light emitting diodes) technology to lighting design. They have collaborated with leading designers such as Thierry Gaugain to create ceiling, table, floor and wall lights which are unlike anything else in the market. Many of these designs can be customised, enabling architects and designers to realise solutions to suit particular requirements for both private and commercial spaces.

Product References
BB 82.100

Design Year

Production & Lead Time
This product is custom-made to order.
Production 12-14 weeks plus shipping 1-2 weeks depending on location.
Please enquire for more information.

Made in France




Materials & Finishes
Materials: metal and OLED
Finishes: customisable

Electrical Fitting
OLED pixels (organic light emitting diodes) technology
Pixel light lifespan: over than 50,000 hours


Voltage: 220-240 V

Fixed to the ceiling, with or without canopy (customisable)


CE certified
UL Listing Certificate for USA available - please enquire for more information

Additional Information
OPTIONS AND PRICES IN EURO (excluding VAT) - please enquire for more details:
I.Rain Dispersion Custom - White Classic BB 82.100 Per pixel - Eu.90.00 + VAT
I.Rain Dispersion Custom - White Classic + Dimming BB 82.100 Per pixel - Eu.100.00 + VAT
I.Rain Dispersion Custom - White Classic + Dynamic BB 82.100 Per pixel - Eu.110.00 + VAT
I.Rain Dispersion Custom - Pipe - White Classic BB 82.100.SP Per pixel - Eu.125.00 + VAT
I.Rain Dispersion Custom - Pipe - Metal BB 82.100.B Per pixel - Eu.145.00 + VAT

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