Cockatoo Plate 2

The Cockatoo Plate by Sena Gu is a delightful plate in the shape of a parrot's head with a garland of colourful leaves and flowers.  The plate is perfect for jewellery or small stationery such as paperclips or can be displayed on its own.  A perfect gift for someone who appreciates fine porcelain.

Sena Gu hails from South Korea, where she studied Ceramics and Glass.  She received her MA on the same subject from the Royal College of Art in 2007.  Since then she has become a well-respected design-maker (, with hand-crafted porcelain works inspired by flowers, vegetables, birds and mineral crystal formations, all in her trademark style combining unexpected shapes, bright colours and a fair dose of whimsy.

  • Designed by Sena Gu
  • Hand-crafted in South Korea
  • Material: glazed porcelain
  • Dimensions: H 1.5 x L 20.5 x W 11 cm
  • Packaged in a gift box
  • Delivery: ready to ship immediately

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