Canasta Bowl

Canasta Bowl, designed by Ilaria Innocenti for Incipit, is an enamel basket container surrounded by a wire cage.  Canasta is available in two sizes and three combinations: a classic copper & black enamel, a modern brass & black enamel and a minimal white enamel & black nickel cage.  Enamel is traditionally known for its durability, chemical-resistance and glossy finish.  It is perfect as a table container for fruit or other food, but it becomes iconic when hung on the wall.

Italian designer Ilaria Innocenti lives in Milan where she graduated with honours at the IED Institute in 2005.  Together with other young colleagues, she brings to life Studiomorinn, a creative group that hosts various professional figures.

Incipit (the beginning in Latin) is a Milan-based interiors accessories brand and creative lab whose aim is to nurture young talent.  It is a platform for young designers to test their ideas with more experienced professionals and to make them real through the involvement of local producers.  Every Incipit item is made by Italian factories and artisans who actively collaborate with designers to find the best possible solutions, maintaining the "Made in Italy" spirit of excellence.

  • Designed by Ilaria Innocenti
  • Material: Enamel containers with curved steel cage
  • Available in 3 finishes: White bowl and Black nickel cage / Black bowl and Copper cage / Black bowl and Brass cage
  • Available in 2 sizes: Small and Tall
  • Dimensions: Small W 19.5 × D 19.5 × H 19.5 cm / Tall W 28 × D 28 × H 24 cm
  • Wall hook included (in same finish of the cage)
  • The cage can be easily separated from the bowl to allow the latter to be cleaned
  • Cleaning Instructions: Clean with damp cloth or specific cleaning products. The base can be removed and washed separately from the cage
  • Made in Italy
  • Delivery: 1 - 2 weeks

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