Bell Mondo - Table OLED Light (BB071.3) - EX-DISPLAY

Bell Mondo is a table light and the result of a unique marriage between the traditional glass-blowing craftsmanship of Murano and the latest cutting-edge OLED lighting technology from Blackbody, the global leader in OLED lights for project and residential uses.

OLEDs organic light-emitting diodes form 2 mm thin luminous surfaces. They belong to the family of semi-conductor lighting sources just like LEDs, which are commonly used for outdoor lighting and automobiles. However, OLEDs rely on organic substances such as carbon and hydrogen to emit light. OLED lighting solutions give rise to a new use for light. Long-lasting (50,000 hour life), ultra flat, glare-free, and heat-free, these luminous panes are reinventing home lighting.

Light becomes a fully functional material, which adopts an endless variety of forms or colours, enabling architects as well as designers to explore innovative and personalized approaches. As such, it allows lamp designers to associate lighting with visual and tactile senses, bringing life to their creations.

Blackbody is the global leader in applying cutting-edge OLED (organic light emitting diodes) technology to lighting design.They have collaborated with leading designers such as Thierry Gaugain to create ceiling, table, floor and wall lights which are unlike anything else in the market.  Many of these designs can be customised, enabling architects and designers to realise solutions to suit particular requirements for both private and commercial spaces.

50% discount on the ex-display Bell Mondo Table Light - Immediately available.
Note that this ex-display model is NOT wireless though, while all brand new ones are. 

Note: While brand new models are available in any quantities, only 1 Ex-Display model is available. 

  • Designed by Thierry Gaugain
  • OLED (organic light emitting diodes) technology
  • Non wireless
  • Murano glass
  • Dimensions: ca H 27 x Diam 13.5 cm
  • Light Specs: Active Zone 75 square cm / Color Rendering Index: 80 / Color Temperature: 2750 - 4000 Kelvin Degrees
  • Pixel light lifespan: over than 50,000 hours
  • Power Consumption: 2.5 W 
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Delivery: Immediately available

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