Bottle Watch - Beer

"Bottle" is Industrial Facility's first project with NAVA. It is an analogue watch where its crystal mimmics the raised nodules found on the bottom of bottles. S. Hecht and K. Colin are known for their simple design, based on acute observation: They created the clock Bottle for Nava Design. A particular object: round dial acrylic acetate that thanks to the 60 marks imprinted gives a tactility to remember that the bottom of the bottles. The colors recall the bottles of wine, beer, spirits, water.

Nava Design was founded in 1970, at the time Nava decided working with leading international designers. The success of these partnerships has allowed Nava to create a very strong link between design and its products. The study and the development of the products find the right balance between functionality and aesthetic sensitivity, which is the base for Nava philosophy. Refined materials, quality and innovation characterize all products, translating a design that goes beyond vain fashion. Through the years some products have become icons in the graphic worldwide, and are still today available in a Museums and Design Foundations in the world.
 Currently the world’s Nava is declined in three catalogues, Bags and Accessories, Stationery, Design watches that communicate through a single language “The Design”.

  • Designed by Industrial Facility
  • Colour: beer
  • Silicone strap
  • Aluminium Lock
  • Pressure Resistence 3 BAR
  • Waterproof 3 ATM
  • Movement Citizen Quartz 2036
  • Diameter 40 mm

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