Big Pattern "Luther" Mural Wallpaper by Mr & Mrs Vintage


Big Pattern "Luther" Mural Wallpaper is amongst the latest wallpaper creations by Mr & Mrs Vintage.

Mr & Mrs Vintage are the creative director and president of NLXL. Together they are curators of the NLXL line of products.

The Big Patterns Editions comprise original century old pattern designs. Instead of converting this pattern to a roll of paper we have enlarged it beyond normal, creating a very surrealistic vintage wall covering.

Custom sizes are available and prices depend on the number of "drops" (from 3 to 9):

MRV-02-3 Drops - £217.00 - Mural 3 Drops - 146.1 x 330cm (4.8 m2)
MRV-02-4 Drops - £289.00 - Mural 4 Drops - 194.8 x 330cm (6.4 m2)
MRV-02-5 Drops - £362.00 - Mural 5 Drops - 243.5 x 330cm (8.0m2)
MRV-02-6 Drops - £434.00 - Mural 6 Drops - 292.2 x 330cm (9.6 m2)
MRV-02-7 Drops - £506.00 - Mural 7 Drops - 340.9 x 330cm (11.2 m2)
MRV-02-8 Drops - £579.00 - Mural 8 Drops - 389.6 x 330cm (12.9 m2)
MRV-02-9 Drops - £651.00 - Mural 9 Drops - 438.3 x 330cm (14.5 m2)

The Big Patterns Editions is available in 3 versions: "Luther", "Paola" and "Bogor".

NLXL LAB is an innovative wallpaper company founded in the Netherlands in 2010 by Rick and Esther Vintage. They are best known for the Scrapwood Wallpaper collection, brainchild of designer Piet Hein Eek. The pattern has no repeat, which means all the images on the roll are different; a unique feature which has since become the defining hallmark of NLXL wallpaper. The company has since then launched hugely successful collections with Piet Hein Eek, Studio Job, Paola Navone and other leading designers, with a focus on clever, unexpected designs.

  • Dimensions per full roll: customizable from to 3 to 9 "drops". See chart above.
  • Weight: variable according to customization
  • Material: heavy duty wallpaper with paper top layer and non-woven wallpaper backing consisting of cellulose and textile fibres strengthened by a binding agent
  • Free of PVC, solvents and formaldehyde
  • Super high-resolution printing with no repeat
  • Colourfast and washable with soft cloth
  • Can conceal cracks
  • Very easy application - no wallpapering table necessary, as it is the wall that is pasted with glue
  • Fire rating: USA ASTM E 84-10 EU B-s1 (download)
  • Country: made in the Netherlands
  • Samples of this wallpaper are available to order for £2.90 per sample with free delivery. Please email us with details of which samples you require
  • This wallpaper is printed to order
  • Delivery: 1-2 weeks

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